Weekend Knitting

This weekend was a knitting paradise. After not being able to knit for nearly a week straight, I was super excited to pick up the needles Saturday morning and have zero pain in my wrist!  The first thing I cast on was a pair of fingerless mitts (or socks as my husband called them).  This is a simple ribbed pattern I made up on my own. I wanted to maximize the single ball of Jojoland Rhythm that I had left, so I weighed it and divided it equally into two balls.


I knit these from the top down and cast on provisionally where the thumb would go and decreased for the thumb gusset as I knit down. I knit them until I nearly ran out of yarn being sure to leave enough for a bit of thumb and a bind off.


These mitts turned out quite well! Not matching, but that is because the Jojoland is a barberpoled type yarn that changes colors throughout the skein. Fraternal twins!  While I was knitting on them my husband was asking about their progress. He kept referring to them as “fingerless socks”. He’s half right. They are finglerless, but they are not socks and as a clever friend commented “socks do not have fingers either”. I’m considering writing up this simple pattern later on this year.

I’m participating in a swap in one of the Ravelry groups I’m a part of. I decided I would knit up some washcloths for my partner as they asked for some. So I cast on with some kitchen cotton I had in the stash from quite awhile ago. This is a ballband slip stitch pattern, but instead of using 2 different colors I just did it with the variegated yarn.


Once that one was done I was in search of another fun dishcloth to make. I found the Lizard Ridge Dishcloth on Ravelry and cast on immediately. I’m really loving how this one is turning out! I think I might whip some of these up for my bathroom!


I would say this weekend was a successful one in regards to knitting!

Until next time…


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