Pooling Streams

It’s Friday, but I have no Finished Object to post this week. Today I’m going to bring you an update on a project that has been hibernating in the WIP basket for nearly a year. Yup, it’s been in there that long! I’ve been going through my old projects this week and sorting through the ones I want to finish since I’ve been on the injured list.  Ipulled this bad boy out last night and thought “gee, I really, really want to finish this!”


This is the Pooling Streams Stole that I started last August! I think I worked on it for a week and then moved onto something else. Sometimes that is how I roll. I can’t help it.

My wrist has started feeling better the last day or so and I decided that some loose lace knitting would be alright. So I picked up this lonely project and started in on it.  By the time I went to bed I had done another 1.5 pattern repeats! I’m loving the pooling! IT’s turning out just how I envisioned.


Here is a shot of the lace pinned out so you can see it in all its glory!

I’m not sure if I will keep it as a scarf or if I will seam it when I’m finished and have an infinity type long scarf/cowl.  I also have no idea why I cast on a provisional cast on originally, unless that was it 🙂

Hope you enjoy your Friday. I hope that next week I can bring you more knitting since I’m healing up quite well!


PS if you want to see some actual FOs, head on over to Tami’s!

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