So I’ve become addicted to spinning. I’ve spun nearly every day this week on my drop spindle. I have been really wanting a spinning wheel. In order to help me save enough money up to get one, I’ve decided I’m going to really dig in deep on my Etsy shop, Husky Creations.

I calculated up that if I sold a mere 120 sets of stitch markers for $5 a piece I could have enough $$ for a wheel. So last night I started this project/goal/plan.  My plan is to make things for the shop, sell them, and hopefully get the Spinning Wheel Fund going.  I will also do some destashing of yarn and things along the way!

I made up 150+ stitch markers last night! That amounts to about 14 sets (minus rejects, etc)! These 14 sets will be photographed and put up in my shop this weekend. Tonight I plan to make up some more to sell as well. If you want some custom stitch markers, please let me know as I can do custom sets for folks!

On the right side of my blog you can see my progress on saving up for a spinning wheel! We can watch how this progresses together! I also think it might hold me more true to saving the money instead of going “ooooh I must have THIS!” when I see  something great online!

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!


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