Stash Enhancement

There are some very generous folks in this world. Last night one of our guild members brought in a large tub of fiber and yarn to give away. She’s cleaning house and decided some things neede to be voted off the island.  In this give away pile were 2 alpaca fleeces. I snagged one of them because I’ve been wanting to learn to process fiber!

Alpaca Fleece

Isn’t it a lovely brown! It’s gorgeous! Kara (Shells) will be getting half of this fleece in payment for teaching me to process it! I think that is a very fair trade! I’m still a new enough spinner that I’m not sure what I’d do with a whole one anyways. I do see myself seeing if I can borrow a wheel to spin this lovelyness up instead of on my spindle.

The Unique Sheep – Merino Top in the Joe van Gogh colorway

The scene last night was like rats on a piece of cheese in a famine. This was a good give away tote. Lots of amazing indie dyers and the like.  Once the dust settled and folks started sorting through their claims, Tara decided she didn’t need this lovely braid of fiber and tossed it my way! I’m in love with it. I’ve been drawn to these colors recently and couldn’t resist! This might be the next thing on the spindle once I finish up my Yarn Pirate! I could see this easily being a lovely worsted and used for a winter hat. 

So knit night turned out to be quite fun. Caught up with some folks I hadn’t seen in a while, got some knitting done, watched a thunderstorm from the safe confines of the WF cafe, and scored some delicious freebies! 


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