Queue: One too many U’s

This week instead of the WIP Wednesday post (because I didn’t take any photos), I’m going to take you through a tour of my Ravelry Queue. 

The queue on Ravlery is a place where folks can add project on Raverly to a list.  This list is meant to represent what you plan to knit on next or in the future. I tend to stick to this motto, and keep it in check pretty well.

The Queue (Top 10)

  1. The Gemini Tee – this I found via the Stockinette Zombies podcast. they are doing a KAL for this Tee in July/August. I’m on a garment kick and this looks to be a quick knit so I said sure, why not? The yarn is on order from Knit Picks and should be here this next week.
  2. Narragansett – Item #2 in the queue I don’t even have all the materials for. I really need some yarn for this. I’ve got it narrowed down to MadTosh Vintage or Berroco Vintage. The MadTosh will run me $100 and the Berroco about $30. I think I’ll go with the Berroco. It’s so high on the list because I don’t want to lose it in the shuffle. I WILL knit this.
  3. One Million Eye(lets) – This particular pattern has been in the Top 10 since July 10, 2011. Nearly a year. I have the yarn and the pattern, but just haven’t been inspired to knit on it. Perhaps it will go with me on vacation!
  4. Magrathea – Queued because of my nerdy side. I’m a huge Douglas Adams and Hitchhiker’s fan. This HAD to be knit by me. The yarn and pattern are ready to go. Next family trip it will be on the needles!
  5. Trillian – Can’t have the Hitchhiker and Magrathea without Trillian! The yarn and pattern are also good to go on this one!
  6. Flutter Scarf – Why is this still in my Top 10?? It’s been there for almost 2 years now! I have the reclaimed pink cashmere from an old sweater for it, but haven’t ever sat down to knit it.
  7. Winnowing – This one struck my fancy as soon as I spied it in the Wool People 2 publication by Brooklyn Tweed. I happen to also have the perfect rose-grey 100% alpaca yarn to knit it in.  When I get a hankering for a larger lace project I think this will be put on the needles!
  8. Koolhaas – I have had this forever in my queue! I must knit it soon! I think it might be this year’s winter hat. I knit myself a new hat every winter because I love wearing them so much! I just need the right yarn for this.
  9. Paper Moon Socks – I rather love the construction and cable detail on these socks. It has been in the Top 10 for quite sometime and is just waiting for the right shad of yellow or orange sock yarn!
  10. Rocky Coast Cardigan – This really doesn’t need much explanation. It is an awesome pattern by an awesome designer. I need the book for this one. I’m fairly certain I have the yarn, but a new yarn purchase wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

So as you can see, I use my queue for organizing the things I genuinely intend to knit next. Usually they are also the patterns I already have the yarn set aside for, with a few exceptions though. This way when I’m out looking for a little retail therapy I can buy something that will be used in one of the projects instead of something random (it doesn’t stop all the random purchases, but most of them).

How do you use your queue? Is it organized? Or is it a place for inspiration?


3 thoughts on “Queue: One too many U’s

  1. Inspiration, I only have things in there that I Wanted to knit, but they are mostly used to inspire me, since I’m starting to design for myself now.

  2. I love Magrathea! It was the first project I knit, you’ll have fun with it but remember to count your yarn overs – I kept missing one! I love your queue, you have great taste 🙂

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