WIP Wednesday: Honey Cowl

Today’s WIP is a new one on the needles!

Honey Cowl – Jojoland Harmony

This is the Honey Cowl knit up in Jojoland Harmony. It’s a worsted/aran weight 100% wool. It’s a 3 ply and all the plys are different colors. It adds some fun depth to the project. Excuse the terrible photo. I quickly took this as I rushed around this morning.  I’m hoping to take some better shots this afternoon when I have some more time to focus on that! I’m loving how quickly this is knitting up.  I’m planning on using 4 balls or 440 yards of yarn to make thsi cowl. It should be long enough to wear as a scarf or doubled as a super thick cowl. I doubt I will get much use out of it until later in the year, but I will be prepared! For more WIPs, head over to Tami’s and check out the links! -AMU


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Honey Cowl

  1. It’s looking really good!

  2. Honey Cowl is such a pretty pattern. And I love your yarn choice. It’s a great match for the pattern.

  3. I knitted this one last winter in a lovely wool-alpaca blend. Deliciously warm. I hope you enjoy yours.

  4. The color is very lovely and looks so squishy.

  5. The yarn looks so warm and sqishy.

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