FO Friday: Hat for the SIL

It has been an awesome week of knitting! The weather outside has been warm and comfortable perfect for lazing in the hammock knitting. This is a shot of last night’s hammock knitting:

I was out there for several hours until the light was nearly gone! The sweater I’m knitting in this photo is nearly done. I have 4 more rows on the body and then I have to do the sleeves.

Victorian Beanie in Frog Tree Meriboo

This is the Victorian Beanie in Frog Tree Meriboo. I bought this as part of a kit from Personal Threads a month or so ago. I loved knitting this up. The yarn has knit up lovely.  I have to say that I didn’t get to knit the whole pattern. I followed the instructions and was getting gauge but I ran out on row 5 of 9 rows of decreasing and had to make do just threading the yarn through the remaining loops and closing it up. I did add the little bit of ribbing along the cast on edge because I wasn’t fond of the picot edge in the pattern, nor was the recipient. Perhaps that is why I ran out of yarn so quick. For more FO’s, head on over to Tami’s! -AMU

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