WIP Wednesday: A Resurrected WIP

This week’s WIP is one I dug out of the basket last night. I finished a test knit sleeve and am waiting to start the 2nd once I get the first seamed into the body of the sweater. That way I’m not ripping back 2 sleeves if there is a problem.

Tappan Zee Cardigan in Classic Elite Fresco

This is the Tappan Zee Cardigan. I think the last time I posted about it was way back in early February. Since then it hasn’t seen the light of day. Not because anything was going wrong, but mostly due to interest in other projects. For the most part, the “interesting” bits of this sweater are done. Everything right now is just miles of stockinette. Last night I managed to knit about 3 inches on the body between lawn mowing, cooking dinner, and watching some TV.  Hopefully this will continue to see some love! If you want to see more WIPS, head over to Tami’s! -AMU

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: A Resurrected WIP

  1. Wait, I remember this one! It’s so pretty, I love the color. Hopefully the cardigan will move from the wip to the fo pile soon. There’s nothing like the gratification you get from finishing a project, especially one that has been lingering around for a while

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