FO Friday: Buy one, get one!

I guess you can’t really “buy” either of these, but I thought it was a clever title. 

First up on the FO parade is the Baby Chalice Blanket! I actually finished this a week or more ago, but wanted to wait to post the FO until after it was gifted to it’s new owner!

Baby Chalice Blanket in Family by Muench, Tomato Colorway

I really love how this turned out. It took 9 full balls. Well I think I had about 10 yards left of ball 9 but I will round up.  This yarn is Family by Muench. It is a relatively new yarn to my LYS. I believe the shop owner, Joe told me he got it in last fall. He has nearly every color imaginable of this lovely 75%/25% Acrylic Microfiber/Nylon blend. This colorway is called Tomato. Very fitting.  I loved knitting with this yarn. I think this is an excellent choice for any baby knit. It washed up in the machine super nice, no pilling!!! I just layed it out flat to dry, though you can toss it in the dryer on low heat as well. It feels more like a soft cotton than a squeaky acrylic. The 2nd FO this week is a pair of socks!

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