FO Friday: Clapotis

I realized I never shared this week’s FO with you.  I finished it a couple weeks ago and forgot to blog about it.

Clapotis – So Twizted in Sandy Beach Hoar by Coulrophobia

This is my Clapotis! I used nearly 2 full skeins of sock yarn for a total of nearly 800 yards! It is rather long and quite comfy to wrap up in. I love it for carrying in my purse and pulling it out when I enter those chilly interiors in the summertime! 

This yarn was dyed by Coulrophobia on Etsy. I’ve featured her shop on this blog a few times, but always like to throw a bone to my Indy Dyers! They work really hard to bring all of us wonderfully colorful skeins of yarn!

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