3KCBWDAY6 – I’ve Got the Skillz!

Improving Your Skillset
How far down the road to learning your craft do you believe yourself to be? Are you comfortable with what you know or are you always striving to learn new skills and add to your knowledge base? Take a look at a few knitting or crochet books and have a look at some of the skills mentioned in the patterns. Can you start your amigurumi pieces with a magic circle, have you ever tried double knitting, how’s your intarsia? If you are feeling brave, make a list of some of the skills which you have not yet tried but would like to have a go at, and perhaps even set yourself a deadline of when you’d like to have tried them by.

Skills.  This is a great topic for this day. This past year I’ve become “comfortable” with the way I knit. I knit with the leading leg in the back and I also purl this way. I wrap the yarn clockwise instead of counterclockwise like most knitters. I have no idea why I knit this way, but it works for me.

Up until last year, I just knit and purled and went on with my life. I didn’t care too much that my decreases were strange looking and didn’t quite match up to what others had.  I knit because I loved it. Then I started getting curious. I wanted to try new stitch patterns, or techniques. Then I discovered I knit “weird”.

So naturally I had to research it. I learned that I knit in what is sometimes called the Eastern European Uncrossed Method. Yes, that’s a mouthful. The wonderful lady that recently released the Principles of Knitting book called it “turned mount knitting”. I think that is the best description I’ve come across.

Now that I am armed with that knowledge I think my skills will only get better. I recently took a brioche stitch class and while during the class I was a bit frustrated and couldn’t figure out why mine didn’t look right, I took the materials home and sorted it out the next day. I now

have 2 lovely swatches of brioche. One in a single color and one in two colors!

Brioche in a single color
Brioche in two colors

I have a few things on my list that I really want to learn by the end of this year:

  1. Spinning on a wheel
  2. Double Knitting
  3. Continue working on the Brioche stitches – Learn increases/decreases
  4. Toy making

Those are just few off the top of my head this early in the morning.  I am definitely always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to knit!


PS Sorry for the late post, I put the wrong date for it to Auto-Post in!


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