3KCBWDAY5 – Something Different

Ways in being a knitter has helped in the “Real World”:

1. Last night I utilized a spare DPN in my purse to fish out a cherry in the bottom of my glass at a local bar. Folks asked where I got the long metal toothpick.

2. Speaking of toothpicks, do you know they come in handy when you need a stitch holder, cable needle, or something to break between your fingers when you’ve realized you have royally screwed up your knitting. They are much cheaper and easier to break than bamboo DPNs.

3. When in the hardware store, it’s handy to have a tape measure in the project bag in your purse. I don’t know how many times my husband has said “Hey, you don’t happen to have a tape measure do you?”

4. When in an uncomfortable social situation, knitting a sock will typically break the ice with strangers much better than a sweaty handshake.

5. Getting stuck in situations like a flat tire, car trouble, or doctor’s offices have become welcome because I get to knit on the project I have with me.


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