3KCBWDAY3 – Day 3 Heros

Your Knitting Or Crochet Hero
Blog about someone in the fibre crafts who truly inspires you. There are not too many guidelines for this, it’s really about introducing your readers to someone who they might not know who is an inspiration to you. It might be a family member or friend, a specific designer or writer, indie dyer or another blogger. If you are writing about a knitting designer and you have knitted some of their designs, don’t forget to show them off. Remember to get permission from the owner if you wish to use another person’s pictures.

Knitting heros. I have to say not one particular person stands out to me. I think there are many things that make a “hero” for me.

The Yarn Harlot stands out as one for me. Here is this woman in Canada that seems normal, but has a yarn and fiber addiction, travels all over the globe for knitting related conferences, classes, etc. She writes her thoughts down in a way that resonates with every other knitter out there. She really is the one that inspired me to blog a little bit. Despite the “fame” the internet and her books have brought her, she still seems like a person that you could sit next to on a plane and have a down to earth conversation about anything under the sun.

Some folks would probably list a close relative in this section as a knitting hero. No one in my family really knits. My mom dabbled in it a bit and has made a few garter stitch afghans, but other than that, no knitting in the gene pool for me. I’m it. I hope that one day maybe I’ll turn into that crazy relative that imbues knitted gifts on everyone. So far, it happens to only a few folks in the family, but we’ll see where I am in 10 years.

My knitting circle of friends here in Omaha are all heros to me. They took me in under their wings and showed me what knitting could be. It really changed the way I looked at knitting. I’d never seen anyone knit more than a simple scarf or hat before I met these ladies shortly after I moved here. They were knitting things like sweaters, blankets, socks, hats, lace, etc. I didn’t know there were so many things out there to knit.

Then, they introduced me to Ravelry. I was sucked in immediately. The creators of Ravelry should be included in this list as well. It has changed the way our world knits forever. We can share photos, patterns, techniques. I can log on at any hour of the day and find someone to answer any knitting question I have. I’ve found many patterns, designers, and yarn companies (big time and indie alike) on Ravelry.


One thought on “3KCBWDAY3 – Day 3 Heros

  1. Raverly creators perfect choice…….all our questions answered, our patterns found, and yarn details all in one friendly place.

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