Spring Cleaning

This past weekend I decided it was time I did something about my craft area and the mess that it was. There was stuff piled everywhere to where I really couldn’t use my table at all.  There is stash that needed photographed and loaded into Rav as well.

Workspace Before
Workspace After

Here it the craft area on Saturday morning. Notice the piles of yarn and boxes and other stuff?

 What you can’t see is the large pile of yarn just out of frame to the left. I have started a “giveaway” pile for yarn I will not use ever. It’s stuf people gave me or leftovers from other projects. Some of it will be going to a friend that does charity knitting and the rest will be headed to the guild stash tonight. There are a few items I will try to swap with other friends for things I will actually use as well. This next weekend I hope to tackle my disorganized book shelf. 

For more, WIPs on this fine Wednesday, please visit Tami’s


4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Looks great. It must feel great to have it all sorted and tidied! Did you find any treasures you’d forgotten? That happens to me. Giving away yarn you’ll never use is also a good idea, especially when you’re giving it away to good causes!

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