WIP Wednesday: Socks and a Scarf

This month has gotten away from me rather quickly! It seems IthoughtI was going to have some more free time thsi month, but it turns out I was wrong. Seems every night I have something going on. This has built up that tonight, while I have it “free”, I am going to be skipping Knit Night and hanging out at home with my dog and my knitting. I need to tend to the mountain of laundry that has piled up near the washer and do some other random chores about the house.  In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been working on throughout March.

First up is the pair of socks I talked about a few weeks ago. There is now 1 finished sock and a good start on the leg of the 2nd. Super cushy, super smooth, and well wishing it was cold enough to justify warm wool socks!

Hermione's Everyday Socks - STR Lightweight in Rooster Rock

The 2nd project that I’ve been working on like a maniac is a scarf. Yes, a scarf. Despite the last week of 70 and 80 degree temps here I’m knitting a lovely cabled scarf out of Stonehedge Fiber Mills Shepherd’s Wool. Love that yarn. So soft and squishy and has amazing colors! My LYS carries it in both the worsted weight and the fingering weight varities. And it has a great price for all those hats and scarves you need to make for folks.

 The other project I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on is the Test Knit Sweater I’ve been working on. I’m done with the body minus about 3 rows left and will start the sleeves. I’m going to be trying out 2 at a time sleeves so that I can knit them up exactly the same way. This will be a first for me and wil hopefully go better than my attempt at 2 at a time socks. That was a tangled nightmare. 

Head on over to Tami’s, for some more fun WIPs to check out!


PS. I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting on many blogs lately, but WordPress and Blogger are not playing nice, so I am having a lot of trouble commenting using my OpenID on things. If you see a comment from Sparkee Spud on google, that is me because it seems my google account will let me comment.

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Socks and a Scarf

  1. I always seem to want to make warm and cosy things when the weather calls for light summer knits too 😉 That’s a gorgeous scarf pattern!

  2. the scarf is neat, love the cables. I did a scarf one 16 stitch cable in the middle of seed stitch, used Baby Alpaca Grande Hand Dye in red — it had that same cable pop look.

  3. Cute socks, but puhleeeese don’t wish for warm wool sock weather. I’m so looking forward to spring and summer! As for the scarf, it’s very handsome. Maybe you’re getting a headstart on your Christmas crafting?

  4. I’m almost done with a pair of Hermoine’s Everyday socks, too! I love the pattern and the sock feels so cozy. I love how it works with your colorway!

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