WIP Wednesday: Scraps

Today’s WIP isn’t necessarily knitting, but prepping for some knitting.  A friend graciously donated a large bag of socks scraps she obtained from another friend who was doing some spring cleaning. After inspection, I found some already knitted mitered squares for a sock blanket in the sack of scraps.  I’ve been working to ball up all the scraps into tiny balls so I can quickly reach in and grab one for my scrapghan.


So the last few mornings while watching podcasts and waking up, I have been unraveling the squares and balling them up. I have quite a few more to go and I’m loving all the colors! There are a lot of colors in here that I would never consider for myself and it has really opened my eyes up to some neat ones!

I am thinking my scrapghan will be glad to have an infusion of some new stuff in it.
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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Scraps

  1. It’s always fun to be confronted with colours you wouldn’t ordinarily choose, I think. Sounds like your blanket will be fabulously cheerful too 🙂

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