WIP Wednesday: Something New

I have to say that sometimes I can’t stop myself from casting on a new project. Last night I did just that.

I’ve been spending my time lately diligently working on a test knit sweater, and meant to get some more work done on it. However, I’d left my pattern at work where I’d taken it to read over at lunch.  So what was I going to knit on last night while watching some more Merlin???

Clapotis – So Twizted Sock by Coulrophobia

I decided to cast on the Clapotis Scarf by Kate Gilbert. It was featured in Knitty.com’s publication back in 2004! There are 18,9 71 projects on Ravelry!!! That is a ton of knitting!  The project is a long scarf knit on the bias (diagonally) and then you drop specific stitches to create a lovely finished object.

I had started one of these back a few years ago out of Noro Silk Garden, but I just didn’t like knitting with the Noro.
This one is being knit out of 2 custom dyed skeins by Coulrophobia on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/coulrophobia. The colorway is called Sandy Beach Hoar, but these particular skeins have less white than others. I’m really LOVING how it is knitting up!
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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Something New

  1. I’ve had that in my queue for ages. Are you using the weight suggested? I think it’s aran, but there are a lot of fingering and lace Claptois out there that look amazing… Love the colors!

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