WIP Wednesday: Socks and a Blanket Square


Knitting has been fairly monogamous this past week. You’ll get to see those results on Friday. So next up are the two projects I am going to be working on the next few days.

First up we have my Wildcat Socks. These have been on the needles since Sept 1, 2011! Yes, and most of the time they have been sitting waiting for me to kitchener the heel closed. And cast on #2. I plan to do the kitchering today at lunchtime and hopefully get #2 going on the needles!

Wildcat Sock #1 - Coulrphobia Custom Dyed

These are knit out of Coulrophobia So Twizted Sista sock yarn. It is a 80/20 SW Merino/Nylong blend custom dyed for me! This is a pattern I’ve come up with for self-striping sock yarns that isn’t just a plain vanilla sock! I hope to get it written up in the next couple of months!

Second project I’ve been working on is the Dicke Decke afghan. I have a goal of 1 block a month. So far block #2 is going quite well. I’m about 75% of the way done with it! But I am running out of sock scraps at a rather increasing pace. So if you have any you don’t want/need, let me know!

Dicke Decke block #2

As usual on Wednesdays, go check out Tami’s for some more fun WIPS!


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