As I have done in previous years, I am writing this up as a summary on what happened in 2011 and my knitting.

  1. Snapdragon Flip-Top Mittens – These were knit for my SIL’s Christmas present. She is one of my more favorite people to knit for. These were knit out of Malabrigo Rios in the Sunset colorway. I modified the pattern for the flip-top portion by removing the button loop and doing a different style decrease for the mitten part. I added a loop around the wrist to hold the flip top down. I liked this better than a silly loop at the top of the mitten when it was in use.
  2. Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat – This was my ski hat for our Colorado ski trip that took place over New Year’s 2011/2012! I love this hat, the pattern was not well written and left many things (including the decreases) up to your imagination. I think I made it work!
  3. Surya – This was the only commissioned knit I did the entire year! I loved knitting this up and I was able to use a yarn that I had not used before, Wollemeise. The finished object was just amazing!
  4. Hitchhiker Scarf – This is one of the quicker knits I managed this year. I started on the way to celebrate Thanksgiving and finished it a few days after returning. I used Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga! Super quick knit that turned out marvelous!
  5. Patty Cup Cozy – This didn’t quite turn out as I expected and I honestly haven’t used it. It was a project that was part of the Harry Potter House Cup that I participated in.
  6. Holland Neckwarmer – This was a project that was a rebirth of a failed project from 2010! I frogged the first item and reknit it into this lovely neckwarmer! I rather like it and use it quite often to keep out a chilly breeze!
  7. Trenza Mitts – This was a podcaster challenge project and KAL. I knit this lovely pair up for my mom who requested something to keep her hands warm at the grocery store.
  8. Dream Catcher Baby Blanket – This was 1 of 2 baby blankets that I knit up in 2011. It was fun to knit, but the seaming was dreadful. I learned that using provisional cast ons and bind offs would have made seaming a bit less painful in the long run.
  9. Gryffindor Socks – This was 3rd pair of socks for 2011! Self-striping yarn from Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber.
  10. Mitt Envy – This was a fun knit. I redid the pattern to go fingers down instead of cuff up. This allowed me to maximize my yarn use a bit more than you would get otherwise. This is one of my favorite knits of the year and I wear them almost all the time now. I see another pair in my future.
  11. Pedestrian Crossing Cowl – This was knit up for a dear friend’s birthday, in JULY!!!! She is definitely using it this winter! Knitting this up made me realize that I wanted a buttoned up cowl instead of one you pulled over your head.
  12. Summer Mystery Shawlette – This was a mystery KAL that I did during the summer. I really like Wendy D. Johnson’s patterns and I knew this would be a fun knit. This was the first of 3 shawlettes that I started knitting out of Malabrigo sock in 2011.
  13. Moderne Baby Log Cabin Blanket – This was my favorite of the 2 baby blankets I knit up this year. The colors matched perfectly and I know there is a little one cozied up in it this winter. And boy, oh boy, was this a ton of garter stitch!
  14. Girasole – This project took a looooooong time! Started in 2010 it wasn’t finished until late 2011. Part of that was due to the recipients being out of the country and not in need of a wool blanket in the sub-tropical climate they were living in. So it lived, unblocked, for most of a year in my basement. It was handed over in early December and will hopefully bring a lifetime of warmth and comfort.
  15. Wanida Socks – This is the 2nd pair of socks in 2011! I love the color of these socks and the way they turned out.
  16. The Perfect Sweater – My first ever sweater. Started in 2010 and finished in early 2011. It will be frogged and reknit into something else in 2012. I was never quite happy with the finished object and decided it needs to be reborn into something new.
  17. Striped Socks – The first pair of socks for 2011 and the pair that made me fall in love with sock knitting. It’s the first pair that turned out the same size and actually fit my foot. From here on out I was hooked. Expect more socks in 2012!
  18. Baby Booties – This was a tedious knit. Tiny feet, tiny shoes. Lots of finishing. I think my children will just have to deal with tube socks!
  19. Nalgene Sweater – Made to keep my Nalgene bottle from sweating in my bag. It works like a charm!
  20. Woodland Grace Moebius scarf – I’m not sure why I didn’t’ like this finished but I think it will be frogged and reknit!
  21. Colorado Hat – This hat is one that I knit up to help me experience my first trek to the Rocky Mountains.

21 projects!! In 2010 I had 12! Quite the growth there! In 2012 I plan to learn how to do Double Knitting and finish a sweater that actually fits! There will be more lace and more socks. This is a definite. All in all, 2011 was a great year in my knitting. I’m feeling more comfortable with my knitting style and method. I’m better at getting gauge and adjusting or diverting from patterns. I’m currently working on 2 designs that I hope to have out in early 2012! There are a few others I have in mind. Will 2012 be the year of Sparkeespud the Designer?? We’ll  just have to wait and see!


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