WIP Wednesday: Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat

The last few years I usually knit myself a new hat in January. It’s just something I do. This year I started early as I wanted my hat to be done in time for a small ski trip that I have coming up!

I had some lonely Knit Picks Chroma languishing in the stash and thought that some sort of fair isle hat would be nice. I chose the Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat to knit. It’s a free pattern on Ravlery too!

This is a great pattern and I’ve learned something new with it too! I’ve never done corrugated ribbing which is the stitch featured on the edging of this hat. Once I figured it out it went quickly! I love the look!

Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat - knit picks chroma in Pool Party

I’m hopeful that today I can finish the decreases after about another inch of the main part of the hat. Then I will have a spiffy new hat for my ski trip!

Thanks for stopping by on this WIP Wednesday and for more WIPs go over to Tamis!




2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat

  1. Wow- that hat looks great. I love the effect of the changing colors in the chroma on top of the black. It sort of reminds me of stained glass!

  2. That is going to be very cool! Love the colors! I love the look of corrugated ribbing also (I have some on a pair of stranded mittens I made), but it’s not very stretchy!

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