WIP Wednesday: Almost a Gusset

My current sock knitting has actually led to a mostly knit sock in the past few weeks.

After this weekend, my sock is now entering its akward teenage years as a sock with an almost complete gusset.

Working the gusset decreases

This part of the sock is always tough and it feels much like juggling a porcupine.  Once I get farther along in the gusset decreases it will ease up a bit. Hopefully I can make some decent progress this week at lunch and before class.

Head on over to Tami’s for more WIP posts!

This week I decided to post with the Yarn Along group as well!


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Almost a Gusset

  1. Great colors in your yarn. “Juggling a porcupine” made me laugh. I just started the heel flap on a sock and that’s exactly how it feels to me too.

  2. I have knitted more socks than I can count and I still fuss until I am over the hump of the that #!%88& gussett. You are doing a great job. Looking forward to seeing the FO

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