FO Friday: Handspun

This week I can honestly say I have an FO to show off! (It’s about time right?)

A few months ago I picked up a new drop spindle at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, KS. I highly recommend this shop for all your yarny and spinning needs. Super friendly folks, awesome selection and they even let you try it before you buy it!

Soon after getting it I sat down to spin up some grey fiber from Brown Sheep. I’m not certain on the fiber content, but I think it is definitely a merino because it is really soft (yeah, that’s fiber knowledge for ya!).

Spinning progress

I kept at it for a month or so, not getting to spin as much as I would have liked but fitting it in here and there. Soon I had a full spindle. This week at knit night I wound it off onto my mini kniddy knoddy and came up with this:

Spinning wound off spindle and made into a tiny skein

Then it was time to take it home and wash it! Yesterday morning this is what it looked like in the shower:

Hanging to dry

The other yarn hanging there is some yarn I’d knit and frogged so I could reuse it. It took all day and night to dry completely so this morning I made it into a lovely little cake and measured my yardage.

Caked up!

In the end I wound up with 73 yards of lovely thick and thin hand spun. It’s almost a bulky weight in some places and then even thinner like light fingering weight in others. I’m not sure I will knit with this, but for now it will sit on my craft table.

So that is my FO for today!

Happy Veteran’s Day to the Veterans out there! Without your service I wouldn’t be able to live the life I do. Thanks for everything!


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