WIP Wednesday: Surya

I’ve been working on Surya pretty diligently this week. I have about 4 more rows before I’m done with the main body and can move onto the garter stitch section and eventually the edging. I think if I really just sit down this weekend and put my mind to it, I can get some serious progress made. I need to get this done before Thanksgiving!

Surya as of 11/9/11

I have to admit this week my focus hasn’t been on the knitting, but on my new iPhone. I took the above photo of the Surya this morning with it beause I’d forgotten about WIP Wednesday. I have to say not bad. It’s an 8MP camera. It seems to take photos alright.

I’ve added the Words with Friends and the Hanging with Friends apps if anyone is interested in playing with me. Any other apps I should get? Most of my apps live on my iPad though.

Head on over to Tami’s to see some more WIPs on this lovely Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Surya

  1. Love the colour of your shawl, hope the last few sections go really quickly 🙂

    I have a load of apps on my iphone, none of which seem to be related to knitting bizarrely! I do love convertbot for doing quick conversions in patterns though – so used to working in inches that I have to convert cms!

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