Friday Grab Bag: Podcasts!

I hate to say it, but no FO here this week to report on. I have many half finished or “just one more row” projects on the needles, but nothing is coming off yet. I’m thinking that in the next week I should have at miniumn my Dead Fish Hat done and hopefully the Surya or My Wish done as well.

In my spare time I love to listen to various knitting podcasts. I like both the audio podcasts and the videocasts. I thought today I’d take a few moments to share with you some of my favorites.

Audio Podcasts

I love to listen to the audio podcasts during work or while driving. It really moves the day along.

  1. The Knitmore Girls – This is a lovely mom/daughter duo that tackle their knitting, both goods and the bads of projects, and lots of other little tidbits. They are from the Pacific Northwest.  This podcast typically runs about 45 min to an hour long.  The duo sometimes does special podcasts for things like Fiber Fests, designers they meet, or other special events.
  2. The Knit Wits – This is an interesting wife/husband knitting podcast. She knits, he doesn’t. He’s an voiceover artist so he adds a fun twist to the podcast. They used to be a pretty regular podcasting group but recently they moved across country and are just getting back into a routine. This duo is hilarious to listen too! It’s more about life and less about the knitting, but all in all it’s good times. The podcast is usually around an hour long, but most of the time runs a bit over!
  3. KnitPurlGurl – This is a new one for me. I only just started listening to this about a month ago. Oddly enough I found her on Google+! She does a fabulous job with her reviews of various products, tools, and books! Her blog is also another good resource.

Video Podcasts

Video podcasts are easy for me to watch while doing some knitting. I can put them on my iPad or on my computer and knit away.

  1. 90% Knitting (iTunes link)- This podcast is put on by Lisa of Fibernymph Dyeworks. She talks about her knitting, her designing, her dyeing and it is a good way to see what will be going into her shop for the weekly update. Plus some other random life happenings. She’s really pleasant and does contests, and giveaways, and KALs quite frequently. It’s usually around an hour or a little more for each videocast.
  2. Round the Twist – This videocast I believe started the knitting videocast revolution. Cairin is super friendly and very genuine. She keeps her podcasts relatively short (under 30 min typically) and talks about her WIPs, FOs, cool stuff she’s into and that’s about it. Every now and then you get a Pheobe cameo (her dog).
  3. MommyNeedsYarn – This is a fun podcast to watch. She talks about her knitting, her kids, what books shes reading and what books her little one likes to read. A good one to watch. Usually about 45 minutes to an hour long!
  4. KnitBytes Videocast – This podcast is a bit different. Done with kind of a video game theme it’s really fun if you are a bit nerdy. Becca does a fabulous job showing off her current knitting, what she is planning and at the end she talks about a different video game (both old and new!) This is a short one too, usually about 30 min or less.
  5. Dramatic Knits – This is probably one of my favorite knitting video podcasts. Steven is really good on camera and the theater theme for the videocast is top notch. He now occasionally has a cohost on the show. It is fun to watch Steven as he works through his knitting. He talks about WIPs, FOs, what he’s spinning, what’s he’s planning on doing  etc. Always a good time.

There are definitely others that I listen or watch, but these are currently my favorites and the ones I tend to keep up with the most. As always, feel free to leave a comment with your favorite and maybe I will find something new to like!

You can head on over to Tami’s to see some actual Finished Objects!



4 thoughts on “Friday Grab Bag: Podcasts!

  1. Thanks for the Sorkin advice. I do think I need to stick with WW…I don’t think I can let go of those characters yet as he has clearly won me over. I just hope I love them as much when they are written by someone else!

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