WIP Wednesday: Surya and My Wish


This week I’ve been down in Little Rock, AR on a work trip. Plane rides and airports are great for getting some serious knitting done. I think  I got more done on both of these shawls in the airport and the flight down than I had done in weeks at home.

My Wish - Malabrigo Sock

The My Wish is about 8 rows from being to the point where  I can start the edging I believe. I’d have to look at the pattern to be sure. It’s just plain stockinette and makes for good knitting when you don’t want to dig the iPad out and have it sitting around.

Surya - Wollemeise 100% WD Neptune

The Surya is also progressing rather quickly! Now that I’ve got the lace pattern down, it goes much quicker. I have 1.5 more repeats of the circles to do and then a small garter stitch section before the edging! This shawl will be super lovely when done!

So another awesome thing is occurring today besides some serious progress on the knitting!


It’s my BIRTHDAY!!! Woot!

27 years old today. I’ll be getting back into the Omaha area about 9pm tonight, so not much time to celebrate, but I might swing by DQ on the way home and grab a blizzard.

So as usual if you want to see some more WIPs today, head over to Tamis!


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