FO Friday: HPHC Sept 2011 Recap!

This FO Friday will actually include 2 new FOs that haven’t been on the blog or on a WIP Wednesday post! How fun is that?

Some of you know that I am participating in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crocheting House Cup on Ravelry. If you don’t know what that is, click the link and read up! It’s a ton of fun and I’ve made some really neat friends on there. It is also a good motivator if you are needing a kick in the arse finishing projects or knitting up things you have in your queue.

September 2011 Recap

The top left project (Muggle Studies) is a pair of Trenza Mitts by Suzanna IC on Ravelry. It is a free pattern designed for worsted weight yarn. I knit mine out of Berroco Touche (Rayon/Cotton blend). They were on WIP Wednesday a few weeks ago.  My mom absolutely adores them she says they work great for her at the grocery store where she works, keeping her hands warm while handling the cold goods.

The top right (detention) is the Dream Catcher afghan  that I finished a few weeks ago. I’m not going to go into many details on that because you are probably bored of hearing about it, but for those of you interested you can read up on it here.

The bottom left (Yule Ball) is a Patty cup cozy that I knit and finished in a day this week. I have yet to actually use it, but I suspect I will here this weekend.  Mine is knit out of Dream in Color Classy in the Emerald Darkness colorway. You might recognize this yarn from my Pedestrian Cowl from a few months ago. This pattern uses a double moss stitch to create the lovely texture.

The bottom right (COMC) is a cowl I made for myself. I used the Holland Neckwarmer pattern and added some lovely wooden buttons I found at Jo-Anns fabrics this past week. I’m still on the hunt for a good way to sew buttons to a project. Mine are never very neat looking on the backside. That is my lovely dog, Rocco, modeling the cowl for me. He definitely earned the treat I was holding off camera for that! The yarn used is Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Tweed (quite the mouthful). I’m not sure which colorway off hand, but it’s a lovely teal with brown and grey tweedy bits. Super soft and I have to say I’ve been using it on this cool mornings we’ve been having lately!

Well I certainly hope everyone enjoyed the little FO parade today! Since tomorrow is October 1st and the October classes for HPHC are going to be posted, be on the lookout for new WIPs and FOs!

For more FO Friday posts, please visit Tami Amis’ blog!


7 thoughts on “FO Friday: HPHC Sept 2011 Recap!

  1. Your projects are lovely, and I’m impressed that you finished four in one month!

    My teenager is also participating in the HPHC on Ravelry. I got her some Harry Potter themed yarn for her birthday, and couldn’t resist picking up a couple of skeins (Gryffindor and Ravenclaw house colors) for myself. Just finished my Hermione’s Everyday Socks this week.

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