FO Friday: Dream Catcher Baby Blanket

Yes, it is finally done! The Dream Catcher Baby Blanket was finished 2 weeks ago but since I was out of town I didn’t get it posted last week.

Dream Catcher Baby Blanket

I am so glad this project is done! The finished piece is quite lovely.  I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in their worsted weight solids. For the edging I did a 6 stitch applied icord. The blanket ended up being more rounded than square which is why the corners are kind of funny looking. If I was smart I would have squared off the icord as I was going instead of just making it rounded. I still think the finished blanket is great. I don’t believe the baby will care all that much 🙂

The colors of Hobby Lobby’s yarn I used: Yellow, Limelight, Grape, Peacock and Hot Rose.  Once finished I still had about 1/4 of a ball of each color left. I calculated that each square took approximately 45 yards of yarn to make.

The pattern comes with the choice of 7 different stitch squares.  I chose 5 and did each color in one stitch motiff. I used the Harris Tweed, Pennant Stitch, Horizontal Dash, Stockinette Stitch Check, and the Basket Stitch.

I am sure this will be happy in its new home later this month!

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