WIP Wednesday: Trenza Mitts

It has been 2 weeks since my last post! I was out of town for work last week and didn’t think to create posts ahead of time! Next time I will do that for sure!  I spent the week in the Windy City! I did get to get out of the office for an evening and I will share a couple photos with you on Friday’s post!

Up this week on the WIP section are the Trenza Mitts by Suzanna IC. That is the same designer who has brought you amazing shawls like the Annis that was in Knitty in 2010.

Left Mitt of Trenza Mitts

Excuse the terrible cell phone photo. The camera has a low battery from the trip, and I haven’t charged it up yet.

These are knit on US7 (4.5mm) needles. I’m using some Berroco Touche yarn in a lovely electric blue. It is 50% Cotton / 50%  Rayon. This is yarn that I got on sale at my LYS in the clearance bin. I didn’t initially know what I was going to make out of it, but this pattern really works for the yarn!  This pair of mitts is actually going to my mom to keep her hands warm while she works in the grocery store back home.

I have to say I kind of like this yarn and I might go back to see if they have some more. It would be perfect for baby knits, or others you might know that have wool allergies. Super soft and super warm!

For more Wednesday WIPs, head on over to Tami Amis’s blog!

See you back on Friday!!!


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