Friday Special Edition

Typically on Friday’s I do a post about a recently finished object, however this week I have nothing finished! Instead of a finished object post, I’m going to give you a post on things I’ve recently found interesting, inspiring or neat in the world of Fiber Crafts.

First up:

 DykaCraft – Tools and Parts for the Fiber Arts

These are handcrafted in Vermont! I am simply in love with all of the neat woods they use for the interchangeable knitting needles and then I saw the lovelies that were the metal needles! They have both regular and lace tips available on their needles. Each set is custom made for you! It seems to be about an 8-10 week lead time on things, but being as they are handcrafted as ordered, that is rather impressive. I have my eyes on a set of interchangeables in the Vermont Apple wood, or a set of metal needles in the Wisteria color!


Stacey Trock’s Fresh Stitching – FO Haruni

Stacey has been posting updates the last few weeks on her Haruni she was knitting out of Candy Skein in the Lemon-Lime colorway. I found this to be an esquisite finished object! I will now be queuing up Haruni and hopefully casting one on this winter!


The Yarn Harlot – FO Catkin

As with the previous item, I found this fnished object to be rather awe inspiring. I am finding myself drawn to Catkin after seeing her lovely finished shawl! The colors realyl do it for me.  Hers is knit from a lovely shade of Dream in Color Smooshy and a mystery yarn from the stash. If I made myself one it would be a light grey with a yellow.


Rock and Sky: Blogging by Aleya Littleton

I’ve recently taken up the sport of rock climbing. I found a place here in Omaha that has outdoor climbing on old grain silos. I absolutely love it. In my quest to learn more about the sport, I stumbled upon various blogs on rock climbing. I felt this one was the most inspiring one I’ve been reading. I’m still trying to comprehend many of the terms and things like, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.  I hope you enjoy reading about her adventures as much as I do.


As usual I will link over to Tami’s Amis blog for you to check out actual Finished Object posts for today!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the post for this special Friday edition. Next week I will be on the road for work and I’m not sure what I will be posting. If you would like to be featured as an indie designer, dyer, fiber artist, or just as a fellow fiber artist blogger, let me know!


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