WIP Wednesday: Holland Neckwarmer

This WIP in Wednesday will be featuring a NEW PROJECT! Yup, that’s right, I started something new this last weekend and I’m nearly done with it already.

Holland Neckwarmer

This is the Holland Neckwarmer which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I made this out of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Tweed in this lovely teal color! I will admit this project was something else before it became this.

Former Alpaca Cowl

This was knitted up last fall, but turned out too big for my scrawny neck so it just sat in the winter gear basket. I really wanted a knitted cowl for this winter since I’ve been walking to the bus stop for class and it will soon be getting chilly! So this weekend I frogged it! And balled it up and began the Holland Neckwarmer.

The neckwarmer is technically done being knitted, but I still need to find 5 lovely buttons to go on it and wash and lightly block it! We might have this for an FO Friday soon!

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14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Holland Neckwarmer

  1. I love cowl knitting and what a wonderful model! Do you have buttons yet? good luck finishing it soon.

    • Me too!!! Cowl knitting is quick, easy … instant gratification!!!!!

      @sparkeespud … love what you did with that recycled yarn. That cowl is beautiful!!!!

  2. Pretty colour 🙂 Looks like it’ll be nice and snuggly for the colder weather,

  3. Love the colour! The pattern looks great too!

  4. LOL love your dog’s longsuffering expression 🙂

  5. How do you get the dog to sit and pose with the hand knits? My dogs would never do that. Love the color, can’t wait to see the FO.

  6. Your cowl looks great, I love the colour. I love making cowls, they’re so fast and satisfying – and I can buy pretty buttons for them 😀

  7. Your dog looks like it wants to sigh heavily at you, haha!

  8. Your neckwarmer is lovely. The color is so pretty. Your model is very patient:)

  9. That’s great! I’m going to keep that pattern in mind- looks like it’d make great holiday presents!

  10. I think it looks great on the dog. Better hope he doesn’t steal it.

  11. Love the cowl and the model , he sure is handsome ! I just queued that pattern , thanks for the link .

  12. I have a 4 legged model as well. Ever time I knit some thing, he’ll come to madel it.

  13. I love teal colours, I like the cowl and its very adorable on your model 🙂

    Good luck in finding the buttons for it 🙂

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