WIP Wednesday: Pooling Streams Stole

Last Tuesday I brought you the post on the pooling scarf I was planning. Well as of Wednesday last week it has come alive!

Pooling Streams Stole

That was the progress last week. I can honestly say I have about twice that on the needles now, but failed to get a more recent photo for you to enjoy.

Close up of beginning lace pattern.

Here’s a close up shop of where I started the lace pattern. I took Wenat’s Pooling Streams chart and modified it a bit (I think I have less stitches) so that it would work for this yarn.

This yarn is the “Too Sweet” colorway dyed up by Yohopaulie of Coulrophobia on Etsy. I noticed yesterday she put up a few more skeins of this colorway for you to purchase! She does much more than her Etsy shop shows. Contact her on Ravelry to see about custom dyeing!

Check in at Tami’s Amis blog for more awesome WIPs!


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