FO Friday: Fingerless Mitts

I should have gotten this posted last week, but I just didn’t get to it. Here are they are finished at last! They only took me a weekend to knit up!

Mitt Envy Pattern - Koigu PPM Yarn

I reworked this pattern to make it a top down so I could use ample yarn for the mitts. I ended up with quite a bit more yarn leftover than I thought I would, even after adding an additinal 2 repeats of the cable pattern on the back.

I hope to get the pattern written up and posted on Ravelry this fall. I messaged the Designer on Ravelry and she said that was perfectly fine for me to write it up! How cool is that?

For more awesome FOs go over here to Tami’s Amis blog and follow the links!

Many of you mention on my Tuesday post that you loved the yarn that I was knitting up and wondered how to get some of your own.  I spoke with the indie dyer, Paula, who dyed up that particular skein and she is planning on doing some more in that colorway in the coming months for Halloween. She also mentioned that if you were interested, you could contact her on Ravelry and she will do some custom dyeing for you. She has some really awesome Gothic colorways right now too! Click the link below to visit her shop!

Catch ya next week!


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