WIP Wednesday: My Wish Shawl

This Wednesday’s WIP is one the I haven’t had on here for quite awhile. That is because it got buried in the WIP basket and other projects were more urgent to get completed. This last week however, I needed an easy knit to take with me to knit night and didn’t want to cast on something new quite yet.

This is the My Wish Shawl by Laura Linneman of the Knitgirllls. I purchased the pattern in conjunction with LynnZimm’s Denver Oyster fundraiser.

Progress on My Wish Shawl

This photo does not do the colors justice. The main color is Violetas Africanas in Malabrigo Sock and the contrasting is the black color of Malabrigo sock. I love how this is knitting up. The purple is much brighter in real life. I will have to get a better photo when it isn’t pouring rain outside, or threatening to.

Right now I’m up to about 40ish stitches per section. I need to get up to 69 stitches per section before I’m to begin the lacey edge. This will be quite a large shawl when it is completed. Perfect for wrapping up in this fall!

As usual for Wednesday posts, go visit Tami’s Amis blog for more WIPs!


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: My Wish Shawl

  1. I hate when my camera fades out a color. I guess with all the rain lately, it’s hard to get pictures that aren’t grayed out.

    I love the slipped stitches splitting up the sections.

  2. My camera refuses to photograph purple properly, so I’m imagining yours is the same. I can picture a gorgeous purple though, so don’t worry 😉

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