Tinkering Tuesday

Yup, I just made that title up on a whim. Last night I got bit by the “must-cast-on-something-new-despite-the-other-UFOs-in-your-basket” bug. I decided it was time to tackle a pooling scarf.

Pooling is the term used for varigated yarn where the colors group up in a way that is either desired (stripes or argyle) or the undesired pooling that causes anger and strife in some knitting projects.

The goal of my pooling scarf is to use this lovely yarn pictured here:

Too Sweet colorway dyed by Coulrophobia on Etsy

This yarn is from a friend’s Etsy shop. She dyes up some amazing colorways and this was  special one she did last year for Halloween. Once I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect pooling yarn!

I set out last night to cast this bad boy on. I tried once, didn’t work. Tried again, didn’t work. But today I’ve got a new plan and I’m itching to get home and try it.

Someone suggested that I do a provisional cast on of about 50-60 stitches and then start knitting in garter stitch to figure out the stitch count. Once I get a stitch count done I will pick a lace pattern from my lace stitchionary and start knitting. Hopefully it will result in something quite wonderful!


4 thoughts on “Tinkering Tuesday

  1. Do you know if your friend is planning on dyeing yarn like that again for this Halloween? I’m participating in a Halloween-themed swap and this yarn would be just the thing. It’s SO pretty!!

    Best of luck on your project with this yarn! 🙂

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