FO Friday: Pedestrian Cowl

This week’s finished object has been finished for a few weeks and I just never posted it!

Pedestrian Cowl - DIC Classy in Emerald Darkness

This photo doesn’t really do it justice and you can’t really see the colors all that well. So I have an in progress photo below to showcase the colors.

In progress

Pattern: Pedestrian Crossing Cowl

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy – Emerald Darkness

Needles: US8 5.0mm

This was a super quick knit that ended up being a birthday present for a dear friend. She absolutely loved it. The irony is I gave it to her during some of the worst heat we have seen in this area in several years. I’m sure it will bring great warmth to her this winter when we are in the freezing temps!

I loved knitting this up so much, that I am going to cast one on for myself here in a few weeks.

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8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Pedestrian Cowl

  1. The colors are amazing! Thanks for giving us a detail shot. 🙂 Maybe some time you can take a picture of it in the sunlight while it’s on and get the full effect.

  2. that is a great pattern. Thanks for the detail picture so we can see the pattern and yarn. It has great drape.

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