WIP Wednesday: Dream Catcher Afghan

 Well it is Wednesday again. This week’s WIP is the Dream Catcher Afghan that I’ve been knitting up for a friend’s baby that is due to arrive in September. I’m hoping I can get the blocks done in the next week or two and get it all seamed up before the 15th of August. I’m super close to hitting my Stash Dash 5K and that will definitely aid in that. I think I can count the knitted blocks though without having it all pieced together.

Blocks that are finished so far

I have finished all 5 pink blocks this last week. I picked up the green yarn and have started on the green ones. However the one photographed here is not the correct pattern because I discovered after I bound off that I did a couple of the rows wrong. I think I will frog it and redo it correctly.

This is the next green block in progress

See the difference in the patterns between this block and the one up top? Yup, the bottom one is what it is supposed to look like. Granted that is the Wrong Side photographed, but it looks relatively the same on the flip side.

As always with Wednesdays now, go check out other WIPS on Tami Amis’ WIP Wednesday and FO Friday blog ring! Go to her site to check out other neat WIPs!


14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Dream Catcher Afghan

  1. The colours are outstanding! Can’t wait to see it all sewed up. As for frogging the square, at least you realised now and not once it’s sewn up, I have done that!

  2. Gorgeous! They’re like eye candy. I can’t wait to see the FO when you’re done.

    I love your stitch markers in the pic for your etsy shop. When will you have more in stock?

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