WIP Thursday: Gryffindor Socks

For whatever reason this didn’t get posted on Wednesday like I’d planned, but it’s here a day late.

1st Sock Done

Well the 1st of the pair is done! I put in the afterthought heel on Sunday using this tutorial by the Knitgirllls! Super easy! I was really shocked at how easy it was to do the heel. It fits great too. I do think I like the feel of a heel flap better, but I haven’t realy worn this one sock around enough to know for sure. I love how it just makes the stripes look really neat. I think for all my stripey socks this will be what I end up doing.

I have casted on for the 2nd sock in this set and am just finished with the toe. It appears these two will be identical twins!

Go check out other WIPS on Tami Amis’ WIP Wednesday and FO Friday blog ring! Go to her site to check out other neat WIPs!

I’m working on something else fun for the blog. I’m hoping to get the kinks worked out on it this weekend and start posting it next week. We’ll see what happens!



5 thoughts on “WIP Thursday: Gryffindor Socks

  1. They are specatular! The stripes are so neat and the heel is totally stunning. More striped socks in the future I see!

  2. The afterthought heel rocks. I was looking at the picture thinking “… now how did she manage to get the heel stripes the same thickness …” and then I read the post. Well done!

  3. Very cool! They look wonderful!

  4. Those are awesome, the colours are so bright and the heel looks fabulous.

  5. They’re so cool – I like the way the heel works with the striping 🙂

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