WIP Wednesday: My Wish

Well this week’s update is on the My Wish shawl by Laura Linneman from the Knitgirllls. This shawl is working up rather nicely! I’m really loving the purple and black combination. I was a bit hesitant doing that in the beginning but am loving it even more as I work on it.

My Wish in Malabrigo Sock

Right now I’m up to 29 stitches in each section between the spines. I think I need to keep going like this until I have 285 stitches total on the needles then I will begin the next section!

I’ve mainly been knitting on this while watching videopodcasts and in between blocks of the baby afghan. It is plain stockinette and perfect for those chatty knitting meetups too!

Oh just so you guys know, I joined Tami Amis’ WIP Wednesday and FO Friday blog ring! Go to her site to check out other neat WIPs!


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