Mostly finished…

This weekend I worked on 2 projects. The first being my Gryffindor Socks that were stuffed in my bag all weekend and pulled out in restaurants, ball games, etc. Look for an update on those Wed for WIP Wednesday.

I finished the knitting on my Summer Mystery Shawl last night. I have to say unblocked it is smaller than I expected, but I know that Malabrigo Sock grows tons when soaked and blocked!

Summery Mystery Shawlette - Unblocked

I really should have measured this to see the dimensions pre-blocking. Perhaps I will do that tonight before I give it a much needed bath. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in the colorway Rayon Vert. Typically this colorway has much more lime green in it than this skein does. There is a little bit in a few places, but it is really light.

I love how quickly  bottom up shawls are to finish. I swear yesterday morning I was barely into repeat 2 of the third chart and by evening I was binding off.

I will definitely be doing another Wendy Johnson pattern in the future. I’ve had Island Time Shawl queued up for quite some time now.

BTW, to the person who proceeded to read EVERY post on my blog on Monday:  Welcome! Hope you enjoy the posts!


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