Finished Object: Moderne Baby Blanket

I am happy to say that the baby log cabin blanket it done! I just need to toss it in the wash and give it to the receipient.

All finished! (And yes, that's a Rocco cameo!)

I finished this up on Sunday afternoon after doing the applied icord bind off for about 4 hours betweent Saturday night and Sunday morning. I have to say the icord worked up quicker than I expected it to.

Close up of applied icord edging

I chose to do the applied icord edge instead of the garter stitch edge the pattner calls for. The reasons for this change is that a) I was sick of garter stitch and b) I was running low on yarn and did not want to open a new skein for just the edge.

In the end I used slightly less than one skein each of the blue, light blue, and orange. I had to start a 2nd skein of the brown, but used less than 25 yards from it.
I did change a few items in the pattern. For instance the blocks that were knit for section 9 were supposed to be 54 garter ridges wide, but I chose to do them only 18 because I felt the blanket would be plenty large and I was was running low on desire to knit more endless garter stitch.
The backside of the blanket is just as lovely as the front

I love the way the back of the blanket turned out! It is simple and plain. I had orginally thought about lining the back of it with a light flannel or other kid friendly fabric, but instead chose to leave it bare. The weaving in of ends was not as bad as many had let on. I rather enjoy weaving in ends I’ve discovered.

I’m glad this project is done and I know the recipients will absolutely love it as well.


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