It’s done!!!

All except for the blocking! So glad to have this off the needles and waiting for the next step!

Girasole Afghan unblocked

I bound off the last stitch Wednesday afternoon before heading out to knit night. It was a big relief to be done with the knitting on this afghan. This is a wedding present for some friends of mine that got married on New Year’s Day this year! It’s a bit late, but better late than never! They probably won’t be receiving it until Christmas this year as they are off in another country doing some good work.

Next up for this project is a good soaking, wash, and blocking. I’m still working out the details of how this is going to work with a few friends, but hopefully before the end of summer we’ll have a blocked photo to show you.

Right now unblocked the afghan measures 60″ in diameter. I’m expecting it to grow to about 72″ in diameter after blocking.

This adds 1910 yds to my Stash Dash counter on the right, bringing me to just about 2300 yds for my total. I’m making some great progress!


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