Stash Dash 5K!

The Knitgirllls started this thing called the Stash Dash 5k for the summer as a way to do some WIP finishing, stash busting, etc. I decided to participated and get my Dash on! The rules are simple:

  1. Anything currently on the needles, added to the needles, cast on, found in closet, etc can count towards the Stash Dash – IF you FINISH THEM!
  2. Spinning counts – total up that yardage from your last spinning episode
  3. Spinning counts again if you knit something up with that same yardage
  4. Cheaters welcome
  5. Blocking does NOT constitute finishing, nor does weaving in ends. Finished = DONE KNITTING/CROCHETING/WEAVING/SPINNING

On the far right hand side is my counter for the Stash Dash. The goal is 5468 yards of yarn knit, crocheted, woven or spun up by August 15th. The start date was May 27th (last week!)

I have added 420 yards this morning as I finished up some Super Secret Knitting project that will be revealed in all it’s glory in the coming weeks. Next up on my list of things is the Wendy Johnson Summer Mystery KAL and the first of 2 baby blankets that I need done by August. I believe there are some socks and a commissioned knitting piece in there as well. Keep watch as I add things to the list of FOs for the summer!


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