Update: Girasole Afghan

Wow it has been a long time since I posted about the Girasole afghan! I’ve been working on it a little bit each week and have finally gotten to the end!

I made it to Chart F a couple weeks ago and figured out that I would be short 1 skein of yarn to finish the afghan. The LYS had another skein or two if I needed it, but I didn’t really want to go buy another. I just wanted to be done with this afghan.

Chart G is supposed to be repeated 2 times to create a couple segements of a zig-zag pattern on the outer edge. I took my shortcut here. I just knit Chart G once. That saved me a ball of yarn right there. Problem solved.

Sunday I began doing the knitted on edging for the afghan. It’s not really that bad. I was expecting it to go rather slowly and take forever, but after a couple hours last night and an hour this morning I’m about halfway around the circle. It’s an easy picot style edging that you can remember really easily and I really got into the “groove” with it while watching some True Blood.

Edging on the Girasole

I modified the pattern slightly to make a neater edge. Instead of a double yarn over, I did a single and made that look a bit tidier. I think it will really pop once I get it blocked.

That’s the next big hurtle on this project. Where the heck am I going to block out a 6′ diameter afghan? I think it’s too big to block out on my queen size bed, and I don’t have carpeted floor space anywhere in my house that is big enough. I might be purchasing some of those foam blocking mats and block it out in the basement or on the main floor of the house. We’ll see what happens.


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