Wow last night I knit and reknit the same row about 6 times before giving up. I don’t kow what my problem was. It’s a simple 11 stitch repeat. I was putting stitch markers in between each repeat to keep things straight. I kept ending up with extra stitches. All because I apparently can’t count to 9.

I’m hoping when I get home and sit down to fix the mistaskes I’ve made, it goes better. It has to. I need to get past this hump and get on with the knitting. I can say that I’m loving the finished fabric I’m getting on this project. It’s wonderfully squishy and the colors are amazing.

I can’t say too much about it because it’s a secret knitting project.

I’m making plans for what I’m going to cast on after this object is done. I’m going to cast on Magrathea, but I don’t know what yarn I’m going to be using yet. I have several contenders in the stash at the moment, and will likely post on my choices later this weekend when I can get things photographed.  The reason for this project is the construction. It’s knit somewhat sideways and on an angle. I’m intrigued.

Have a good weekend everyone!


One thought on “Frustration

  1. Oooh. I hate when that happens. If it makes you feel better, I worked on a short row heel for an hour and didn’t finish it.

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