Sometimes you come across a skein of yarn that is so lovely that you MUST name it! Or at least that is how I feel at times.

Last night was the perfect example. A month ago I traded a friend, G, a set of sock blockers for some of her lovely angora handspun. Last night I got to take it home. It is super soft and cuddly, and so I thought while at SnB last night that it needed a name. Lloyd is what I came up with. Don’t know why, but it just suits it.

Here is Lloyd all caked up!

Lloyd caked

That is 220ish yds of a fingering weight 2-ply angora handspun. One ply is from “Bonnie Blue” and the other from “Pearl”. I love knowing exactly which  animals this lovely yarn came from.

I couldn’t wait to knit up Lloyd, so I started right in this morning! I chose the Woodland Moeibus Scarf. I think it will do great with the angora and but ultra cuddly when complete.

Woodland Moeibus Scarf

I can’t wait to get home tonight and work on this lovely!


One thought on “Lloyd

  1. I am so glad that you like it! That was actually the very first skein I spun after I got the girls home… Oh, and here’s another bit of trivia about it… It brought home a ribbon from State Fair. It wasn’t a blue, but still, it was awarded a ribbon! LOL

    I really think that the moebius will be lovely and so warm and cuddly. It will be just like Bonnie, who likes to snuggle, is right there with you. And, this way, Pearl won’t bite, as she does when she’s ready to be done being messed with. LOL

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