Mostly Finished

Buttons for Booties

Today’s post was supposed to be an FO, but instead you are getting a MFO (mostly finished object).

Booties for Twins

They are all done except for the buttons.

Buttons for Booties

They are all ready to be sewn on. I have the thread too! I seemed to have misplaced my sewing needles. I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve turned the craft area upside down looking for them. I’m going to make a trip by the fabric store tonight after work so I can get them sewn on and wrapped up for the recipients.

This was about all the knitting I accomplished in the last week. Sunday I learned a new thing call snowboarding and managed to sprain my left wrist. It isn’t bad, just a bit swollen. It is in a brace and resting at the moment. I’m thinking it will heal rather quickly.

This week I have plans to finish at least one of the Wanida socks and get started on the other, while catching up on my In Dreams KAL shawl. I’m still on Clue #1 and Clue #3 comes out this Friday! Yikes, I better get to knitting on that.


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