Shop progress, and other things

Well a while back, I posted about my Etsy shop and things I’ve been doing with it. It’s been about 4 months since I opened it up. I’ve posted on here a few times with updates and things like that.

After a few months, I’ve sold about 19 things, I think. I’d have to go and check on that to be sure, but I’ve done a lot of side trades/purchases outside of Etsy.

I decided I needed to do some “revamping” of the store front. I’m learning some new photo editing techniques in order to make the photos of the products stand out more and display the products colors more accurately. So look for updated photos in the coming week.

Besides learning some photoshopping techniques, I’ve created my own business cards  to replace the hand stamped and hand written ones that have been going out with packages for the last few months.

New Business Cards

On that note, I will also be doing a new logo based on the cards and things like that. Little touches to make the shop more attractive.

Besides just asthetically pleasing things, I will be having some new items in the shop too! I’ve ordered some new things to help me create some special stitch marker sets! I’m still waiting on my package of materials to arrive and as soon as that happens, I’m sure I’ll be doing some updates. I will likely post on here when I do a big update.

I’ve also got a few more ideas in my pocket for Themed sets.  If you have any suggestions on things you’d like to see in the shop, post a comment or PM me on Ravelry.

Be on the lookout for new things!


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