A couple things…

Well I finished a couple projects this week! You saw the photos of my sweater blocking on Tuesday, and it is now done blocking, the ends are woven in and I’m now wearing it!

Finished Sweater!

As far as the “Snowmaggedon” goes, it wasn’t all that bad. People just hyped it up here in Omaha. Final snow totals put us around 6-7″ on Tuesday/Wednesday. It’s now warming up and should be in the 30s the next couple of days allowing things to melt off a bit.  I did enjoy the day home. I wimped out and ended up spending the day knitting and watching TV. Every now and then you need a day like that to “reset” yourself.

In addition to adding the finishing touches on the sweater, I worked like mad on my socks. I really wanted them done before the end of January, and I came VERY close. I missed it by a day. I kitchenered the toes last night and did my happy dance for 2 perfectly matched socks that fit amazingly well!
Finished Stripey Socks!
If it wasn’t cold and I wasn’t wearing my snow boots today, I’d be sporting a new pair of socks to go along with the handknit sweater! Oh well, I will wear them sometime soon as they still need to be washed.
Speaking of washing, I won’t be washing anything until I get my tub fixed. Woke up this morning and had no cold water in the tub! I “think” I know what the problem is, and will bust out the tools to fix it tonight. I have a feeling I will be spending some quality time in the plumbing aisle of the local hardware store.
Stay warm out there!

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