Blocking Tuesday!

Two things are on my “blocking bed” right now drying.

Perfect Sweater blocking

First up is my sweater! It’s had a thorough soaking in some Eucalen wash and is drying. It’s been there since last night. It’s nearly dry. Once dry I will weave in the ends and call it good! I am glad we are getting a ton of snow because this will be a nice warm sweater to wear tomorrow!

Linen Stitch Scrappy ScarfI’ve had this for quite awhile and just never washed or blocked it out! It came to me in October and I was so excited to wear it I just neglected the care. So it also went into the tub with the sweater! It’s dry and just in time as we have a -20F windchill here today! This linen stitch is super warm in the cold winter winds!

Hope everyone is staying warm and out of this weather! I took a vacation day to enjoy the storm from inside my home with some knitting!


3 thoughts on “Blocking Tuesday!

  1. You weave in your ends after blocking? I always do it before, so they stay in better. Huh. Lovely sweater, though! When I first saw the title of the post, I read “Blogging Tuesday” and I thought “Well, she blogs on other days, too, but okay.” ;-D

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