Yarn Tasting – Part 3 Kumara

Last night I knit up a swatch with Classic Elite Kumara.  This is an 85% Extrafine Merino/15% Camel blend yarn. It’s very springy and lofty. I knit it up using a “mistake stitch” pattern (k2,p1) over an odd number of stitches using size US9 needles. It looked great in this stitch pattern!

Classic Elite Kumara

This yarn comes in a 50 gram/128 yard ball in a variety of colors. Here’s a link to Classic Elite’s page on this yarn.  Mine was knit in Perkin’s Mauve colorway.

I did find this particular yarn a bit splitty, but this could be remedied by using sharper needles. The yarn also was a tiny bit scratchy to me. I bet it will soften up a ton when washed. I would really recommend this for a sweater or another piece of outerwear, and not something I’d wear close to my skin (hat, scarf, mittens).  Overall this is a good yarn. I’m not sure it’s for me, but some of you out there might find it delightful!

I have 2 more yarns to review and those will probably go up next week on the blog!


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